Who We Are

Leela Ram Kolhi - Presider for Global Action

Global Aviation Business Promotion Leader
SAVIATION Jet-Engine Intake Bird-Deflector Spiral-Vortex Cone Design Group
Sindh, Pakistan and Freedom, California 2015-
 Advancing the 2013 design of 15-year old Metal Shop student Samantha Dillbeck, now 18 to jet airliner leasing owners, jet airliner manufacturers, jet engine suppliers & mod firms.
 Enlisting support from passengers & pilots who lived that saved airliners from bird intake into jet engines, like US Airways Pilot Captain Sullenberger splashing onto the Hudson River amid New York’s skyscrapers 2009.
 Organizing CEO & stockholder support in aerospace firms, the flying public, takeoff & landing flight-path airport communities worried about fully-fueled planes being crashed simply by birds, airports’ bird mitigation programs, leasing owners of the majority of airliners such as ILFC, errors and (re)insurance carriers, and avian societies.

Howard Hinman - Contracts Manager

Media Strategist, Paralegal Tactician, Gold Trusts Organizer
pioneering high-tech mediums, and leading creative teams in worldwide new business development
Has been a line producer co-strategist with all PhoneVoter projects noted in d’Avignon’s bio-sketch.
Orange County Chamber of Commerce Film Commission Liaison, Director, Contracts Administration.
Familiar with arranging talent pools for ramping up satellite TV networks for presidential candidates including server, telco interaction, content, computer graphic animates, & vote tallies on television.
Paralegal specializing in half of the 26 types of trusts including: gold daily value checking drafts.
Paralegal research unraveling MERS robo-signing mortgage disputes; complex medical insurance, spin-offs and start-ups for 8 years with the prestigious Konowiecki & Rank Law firm in Los Angeles.
Events organizer and Master of Ceremonies for famous convention series: The Future of Freedom Conferences; Freeland International Convention; and is a Distinguished Toastmaster.
Executive Director of advanced technology initiatives like the New Island Creation Consortium 

Daniel Brake (Brock) d'Avignon - Communications Director

Mr. d'Avignon is an economist who has had simultaneous careers in aviation, aerospace, television and movie production and more.  See Pebble Guide for information on Mr. d'Avignon's background and credentials in educating.  

Steve Cervantes -  Merchant Banking  Collateral Specialist

Statement as an Independent Merchant Banking Collateral Specialist OR Loan Specialist:

I only handle one side of a deal as I am honest, never both. If you know someone who is handling both, run.
My primary merchant banking collateral practice includes:

Determining valid ownership of land, assets in or on the ground, or tax credits willing to be pledged by owners to back loans for worthy loan goals like clean-burning Hydroleum replacement by percentages of diesel fuels.
Riparian Rights Trader for urban water supplies like Colorado River Water for Las Vegas in exchange for saline Baja California water.

Tracking Chinese Communist Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) enlistment to date of 23 of 64 allies of the US, most deserting the penny-backed Federal Reserve Note (FRN) for the 70-cent gold-backed Yuan as the basis for a global reserve currency since 2May2016. Advising banks as to what to do when discounted FRNs end.